Hot Sour Soup for Sunday Lunch

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Chris, my husband, decided to cook some Pork Sinigang for lunch.  He’s really good at cooking it.   Ehem! *clears throat*  It’s my recipe of course! *wink*

Pork Sinigang, also known as Pork Tamarind Soup, is a Filipino dish.  It’s usually compared with Thai dish, Tom Yum / Hot & Sour soup.  The Pork Sinigang is a sour soup but definitely not spicy.   It’s good to eat with lots of rice, by letting the rice soaked with the sinigang soup.  The Sinigang is also good cooked with shrimp instead of pork.   There is also fish sinigang, which they normally use bangus (Milk Fish).  Mmmm… My mouth is salivating just thinking about it.  Going to go ahead and finish eating my bowl of sinigang.  *burp*

Pork Sinigang 04/01/18


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